The 'IIMTS LOGO' Message

Let us familiarize ourselves with the thoughts that went into evolving the IIMTS logo which you are seeing now. This is a combination of four different ideas as follows.

  • The CIRCLE denotes International freedom - in our reference, it is the freedom to choose courses from many a prestigious and reputed International Universities.

  • The FLAME or LEAF shows the hope, inspiration, new ideas and brightness. That is what the curriculum from our associate Universities bring to our students with their vibrant new ideas.

  • The third image shows a GRADUATION CAP which indicates attainment of knowledge and it's management. At IIMTS students learn the best way of managing the knowledge they gather and the best ways of using the same in the most productive manner.

  • The fourth image is of a SHIELD and as the function of a shield is to protect the honor, this shield protects the paths to technology. This reflects our commitment to pursue new avenues or methods of teaching, while abiding with the traditional system of learning.

Combining these four different shapes together we derive the full logo which expresses Education, which is creatively fresh, unique and elegant. This is what we expect from our student community to inculcate in themselves.

Logo Created by Mr. Muhammad Junaise

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