E-MBA (Executive MBA)

With this course you can Be in sync with the latest technologies being used in the management sector for different forms of transactions.

Understand and imbibe all forms of budgeting and management, Upgrade your skills and work in a simulated banking environment to get a feel of the practical aspects of the industry, One Should Understand and adjust to the constant changes taking place in the International and National Environment.

The EMBA environment presents students with a range of new experiences and impressions. These can be used to make a positive contribution to the workplace. Yet of greatest value is the exposure Executive MBA students receive to cutting edge developments and prospects in the international and global business world. This means they are able to identify new trends and swiftly turn them into opportunities, either for a specific company project or the organization as a whole. The global business environment is one of high dynamism and frequent change and being embedded in a learning environment, such as that of the EMBA classroom, gives employees the unparalleled possibility to find out about and react to these latest trends quickly. This, among other aspects of an EMBA education, results in an EMBA employee being able to think better strategically with the organization’s interests in mind.

Being able to shape strategies effectively and innovatively is perhaps among the most valuable benefits an EMBA student can bestow on his or her company. Thinking through complex business cases and problems within the EMBA curriculum, inside and outside the classroom, will often result in greater agility in tackling problems that arise within the work context. Additionally, being exposed to new perspectives and creative input from other classmates and students creates a general outlook of innovation and inspiration.

Mahatma Gandhi University contributes both Theoretical and practical training in the correct proportion. We provide quality education to students with the remarkable features like extensive practicals, workshops and real life business situations-MBA will help the students to develop their practical managerial skills, communication skills and business decision-making capability.

Programme : E-MBA (Executive MBA)
Programme Code : 719
Duration : Min. Duration 1 Year
Max. Duration 2 Years
Eligibility Criteria : Graduation in any stream with minimum two years of working experience.

Semester I

MBA11 Management- 'Theory and Practice' 3
MBA12 Managerial Economics 3
MBA13 Accounting for Managers 3
MBA14 Organizational Behaviour 3
MBA15 Quantitative Techniques 3
MBA16 Business Ethics and Values 3
Total Credits   18

Semester II

MBA21 Management Information System & Computer 3
MBA22 Business Law 3
MBA23 Financial Management 3
MBA24 Marketing Management 3
MBA25 Human Asset Management 3
MBA26 Executive Communication and Research Methodology 3
Total Credits   18

Semester III

MBA31 Management of Small Business & Entrepreneurship Development 4
MBA32 Business Policy and Strategic Management 4
MBA33 Operations Research 4
MBA116 SPLZ-1 2
MBA117 SPLZ-2 2
MBA118 SPLZ-3 2
Total Credits   18

Semester IV

MBA34 International Business Environment 4
MBA35 Operations Management 4
MBA36 Total Quality Management 4
MBA122 SPLZ-4 2
MBA123 SPLZ-5 2
MBA124 SPLZ-6 2
Total Credits   18

Human Resource Management

MBA116A Management of Training and Development 2
MBA117A Compensation Management 2
MBA118A Organizational Development and Change 2
MBA122A Management of Industrial Relations 2
MBA123A International Human Resource Management 4
MBA124A Labour Legislations 3

Financial Management

MBA116B Investment Management 2
MBA117B Merchant Banking and Financial Services 2
MBA118B Management of Infrastructural Financing 2
MBA122B International Finance Management 2
MBA123B Portfolio Management & Security Analysis 2
MBA124B Financial Derivatives 2

Information Technology

MBA116C Information Technology & Mgmt. 2
MBA117C Database Management System 2
MBA118C System Analysis & Design 2
MBA122C E-Commerce & IT Enabled Services 2
MBA123C Computer Network & Internet 2
MBA124C Enterprise Resource Planning 2

Marketing Management

MBA116D Product and Brand Management 2
MBA117D Marketing of Service 2
MBA118D Sales and Distribution Management 2
MBA122D Advertising & Sales Promotion 2
MBA123D Industrial Marketing 2
MBA124D International Marketing 2

Retail Management

MBA116E Retail Operations Management 2
MBA117E Customer Relationship Mgmt. 2
MBA118E Retail Branding & Strategy 2
MBA122E Mall Mgmt. & Risk Mgmt. 2
MBA123E International Retailling 2
MBA124E E-Commerce & Internet 2

Insurance & banking

MBA116F Principal & Practices of Insurance 2
MBA117F Risk Management & Insurance 2
MBA118F Mutual Funds in India 2
MBA122F Mgmt. Of Banking & Insurance Companies 2
MBA123F Banking & Insurance Marketing 2
MBA124F Risk Mgmt. & Life Insurance Undertaking 2

Operations Management

MBA116G Technology & Innovation Mgmt. 2
MBA117G Material Management 2
MBA118G Project Management 2
MBA122G Logistic & Supply Chain Mgmt. 2
MBA123G Quantative System Modeling Techniques. 2
MBA124G Production & Planning Control 2

Hospitatily Management

MBA116H Facility Design & Management 2
MBA117H Hospitality Law 2
MBA118H Hospitality Marketing & Sales 2
MBA122H Fundamentals of Tourism & Tourism Products 2
MBA123H Strategic Management 2
MBA124H Management Information System 2

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